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2019 Achievements:

• Successful Neighborhood Clean up in March

• Coordinated the execution of Bioswales for 2 installations within Westview neighborhood. 
It's not too late to volunteer for this.
Sign up for either 
March 29th or March 30th

• Coordinating and preparing for the unveiling of John Davis Park in April. Mrs. Delores led the initiative to rename the park in John Davis's honor - in remembrance for his years of contribution to the Beautification Committee and for his contribution on the WCO. 
Please save the date for this event. 

ENGAGEMENT & Development

2019 Achievements:

• Successful Vine Clean up in February 

• In partnership with Georgia State University, the Community engagement team is working to preserve and share stories of long time Westview residents. Learn more or nominate a long-term neighbor visit our blog

• Preparing and leading the first 2019 This Old House Project. It's no too late to volunteer for this event in April. Please save the date for this event.  



2019 Achievements:

• Organized and hosted Westview's 1st annual community career fair for the youth. The objective of the Community Career Fair is to expose our community youth to unique careers & entrepreneurship.  

• Introduced the Youth of the Month program. This program honors a Westview Youth for their outstanding performance in the community. March was awarded to one of our youths for his entrepreneurship skills.   

• Ideating ways to utilize Stokes Park for our Youth. Check back for further updates.

Communications & events



2019 Achievements:

• Developed integrated website that provides another outlet for neighbors to get information on things happening in Westview. Example: End of Month recap emails.

• Developed a social media strategy to ensure posts are relevant & timely.

• Working with our neighbors to understand the best way to communicate with each.

• Ideating concepts for Westview merchandise to share our neighborhood pride. 


2019 Achievements:

• Initial developments of transforming the current Westview Community Garden into an organic food forest. 

The Westview Community Garden is located at 1439 South Gordon Street. 

• Partnered with Repair the World (a non-profit) who will provide a team of volunteer gardeners to help with the Westview Community Garden.  

• Working with the city of Atlanta for an ATV to help get seniors, special needs or any other neighbors around the garden. 



2019 Achievements:

• Attends NPU-T meetings and represents Westview to ensure that Westview has a voice during these meetings. 

• Gathers & shares all relevant content for the Westview residents: 

Any resident that is need of help or assistance with Utility Bills reach out to 404-320-0166.

Seniors in need of furnace repairs, there is a qualification application. Please reach out to 404-872-0167

Ignite is a camp for girls with a purpose to recruit girls in high school to intern and train for the fire department.

New legislation to increase the business license fee was not approved by city council  


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CONTACT: preseident@westviewatlanta.org

2019 Achievements:

• Worked with city officials and ATL Plus to help enforce parking issues. Blocking and parking in driveways is a towable offense.  

• Developing a guide book to help provide recommendations for anyone looking to renovate a house within Westview.   

• Partners with Major Griffin, Zone 4 Commander, to address/follow up with any safety concerns. 


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