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Public Safety Update

24 Mar 2021 3:31 PM | Anonymous

Westview Public Safety Update

Hi Neighbors,

Please see the updates on a few issues we have from a public safety standpoint. We will review these & provide any additional updates at our next meeting 4/5 at 7pm.

If you want to get involved please let us know by sending an email to We need more residents to help out, so we can get organized & properly cover the entire community


Public Safety Survey

Please take the Police Reform and Public Safety Survey that is now available on Survey Monkey: This survey is for residents & business owners in the City of Atlanta. It will enable all residents & those who work in Atlanta to express their issues & perceptions on public safety & police reform.

David Mack Case

The leads APD had did not pan out. They are actively looking for new leads to help solve the case. Please continue to reach out to crime stoppers if you or anyone you know has any leads. 

Black Honda Committing Car Burglaries

There was an incident yesterday, and APD was trying to box in the black Honda. Some of you witnessed this as the Honda was speeding through the community. According to APD, it was not a chase or pursuit. They were just doing a form of box maneuver to try to surround the Honda with nothing but APD vehicles to get them to abandon the car, go on foot & get caught. This process included unmarked cars as well. These were probably the cars we all saw driving fast as well. 

Unfortunately, the box maneuver did not work and they are still on the loose. The Honda is stolen and the plates on the car are not real which makes it hard for their radar & camera devices to catch them. However, APD knows who the person is now. They are continuing to search & find him. Please continue reporting this vehicle or any suspicious vehicle in the area to help APD.

Please keep valuables out of your car. They have been stealing laptops, tablets, purses, wallets, etc. The best way to deter them is to not help the criminals, so please do a double take before leaving your vehicle to ensure you have nothing valuable in your car, seen or unseen.

Westview Resident Questions for APD (Needed)

If you have any questions, you want to ask APD, please send them to I will be chatting with APD to go over concerns from the residents of Westview. Please take some time to think about your questions and submit them to by the end of the day Sunday, 3/28.

LaToya Lester

Public Safety Chair, Westview Community Organization

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