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TSPLOST Survey is due 2/7/2019

6 Feb 2019 2:29 PM | Deleted user

Please complete the survey as this will directly effect our neighborhood: 


Survey is due Thursday February 7th 2019


The Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST programs, launched in 2015 and 2016, were created to address the $1B+ infrastructure backlog facing the city. TSPLOST is currently facing the challenge to deliver on all projects as the cost to deliver the full scope of the initial program considerably exceeds the funding available from the Renew Atlanta Bond and TSPLOST revenues.

For more background visit the Renew Atlanta website: https://renewatlantabond.com/prioritization/

WCO representative attending the TSPLOST initial meeting at Grady High, and was presented with 3 scenarios. Each scenario had different funding allocated to different projects. There was a breakout session to further discuss the scenarios. Each group came to a consensus on which scenario they preferred (a tally was taken) and in that scenario each person were to come up with their top 3 projects, and also 2 wish list projects.


On the list of projects were Cascade Ave Phase 2 (Complete Streets), RDA (Complete Streets) and Cascade Ave TCC (Transportation Connection Corridor).

  • RDA is currently listed as "fully funded" meaning regardless of what scenario they go with ultimately, RDA will still be completed.
  • Cascade Ave Phase 2 was listed as "Design Only". It was shared that projects listed as design only were NOT guaranteed to be completed and would ONLY be completed through their current design stage (so if it is in conceptual design - that's where it will end) until additional funding is secured.

Our representative, Louis Ali, did raise the concern regarding the recent fatalities within Westview. Both were within less than 1 month's time frame and urged the session leaders to reconsider their priorities.

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