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Connect with our Representatives

6 Mar 2019 9:28 AM | Deleted user

Following up with our representatives is a great way to advocate for the community. One of our neighbors kindly shared this sample letter that can be adapted: 

Email addresses we encourage you to send to:


To Council Member Andrea Boone, the Renew Atlanta Bond Program team, and The City of Atlanta TSPLOST Program team,

I attended the recent Renew Atlanta Prioritization and Rebaselining plan meeting and provided feedback there but want to reiterate my concerns about the current plan and how it impacts Westview and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

According to the city’s own HIN analysis, the intersections at Cascade Rd and RDA / Donnelly Ave. are among the most dangerous in the city. In just the first two months of 2019, we’ve already had three pedestrian and cyclist deaths, one pedestrian and one cyclist on Cascade and one pedestrian just around the corner on RDA (a dangerous road that also needs Complete Street funding - thank you for prioritizing that project). The current plan to split the Cascade Complete Street project into two phases and to leave the second phase, which addresses one of our city’s most dangerous roadways, incomplete is unacceptable. I understand that Cascade Phase II is one of the more expensive projects on the list but it is also, arguably, the most critical to ensuring more community lives are not lost. 

I would like to formally submit that the Cascade Rd Phase II Complete Street project be prioritized to Fully Funded under the TSPLOST Prioritization and Rebaselining effort.

Thank you for working hard to ensure that our communities receive the proper funding they need to remain safe.



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