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A message to our collective communities

16 Mar 2019 4:30 PM | Deleted user

A message to our collective communities,

I will be honest that I have struggled with what words to write in this letter. What can be said when members of our larger community face the pain of being attacked in a place designated for peace and worship? As a community leader, what words could I possibly offer to support those whose brothers and sisters were attacked because of their faith and the color of their skin? Are words of comfort even adequate or appropriate in the face of an evil that assaults our very humanity?

The entire community of Westview would like to express our deepest condolences to our Muslim neighbors and all who mourn the tragedy in Christchurch, New Zealand. We continue to pray for those who have been lost and our thoughts are with the survivors and family members left to mourn. We know that there are no words to assuage the pain, fear and hurt that you are experiencing. We only hope by standing with you in this moment of pain that the knowledge that you are not alone will make the burden easier to bare. 

As a community, Westview particularly turns our support towards our neighbors from IMAN Atlanta. You have stood with us in moments of triumph and moments of challenge. During this period we stand with you, pray for you and offer our voices to counter any narrative that would diminish your place or value in our community. 

For 109 years Westview has witnessed so many social and societal changes. As a community we have also been privileged to serve as an incubator for change agents whose work has been a catalyst for transformation beyond our borders in SW ATL. As a community we condemn any ideology, political movement and philosophy which would seek to diminish, demonize or reduce the humanity of any member of our community. 

The days ahead will be difficult, nothing that can be said will speed our path towards healing. The narratives that emerge will assault our senses. While this moment is filled with darkness as a community we commit to stand together and shine the light of love until the darkness dissipates.

In the spirit of ONE community,

Jason K. Hudgins, WCO President 
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INMAN Atlanta will be hosting Community Conversation on Christchurch Mosque Shooting. Please visit their facebook event or our event page for more details. 

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