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Complete the Streets Talking Points

10 May 2019 12:57 PM | Deleted user


At our May meeting, we promised to share some talking points for continued engagement around the unfinished RENEW Atlanta projects in Westview.

Sample Script:

Dear Councilmember, 

I am writing to continue my advocacy and reiterate my concerns about the approved RENEW Atlanta’s impact on Westview and the surrounding neighborhoods.

According to the city’s own HIN analysis, the intersections at Cascade Rd and Ralph David Abernathy Blvd / Donnelly Ave. are among the most dangerous in the city. In just the first two months of 2019, three people have died: one pedestrian and one cyclist on Cascade and one pedestrian just around the corner on RDA (a dangerous road that has not seen the Complete Streets Plan fully implemented). The current plan to split the Cascade Complete Street project into two phases and to leave the second phase, which addresses one of our city’s most dangerous roadways, incomplete is unacceptable. I understand that Cascade Phase II is one of the more expensive projects on the list but it is also, arguably, the most critical to ensuring more community lives are not lost.

I would like to formally submit that you and the City Council craft a plan to address this critical part of the SW Atlanta infrastructure.


+ Cascade Road has the 5th highest number of incidents with severe injuries and fatal crashes in Atlanta.

+ Cascade, Langhorn, and RDA are pedestrian routes for students from Tuskegee Airman Academy, Brown Middle School and Kipp Academy. None of the corridors has proper crosswalks.

+ Langhorn Parkway was designed to be a highway onramp. In 2019 Alone there have been 6 major crashes, one with multiple vehicles flipped due to the crash.

Langhorn runs along the connection of the Atlanta Beltline, Gordon White Park, and Enota Park. The current configuration makes use of the community green space dangerous.

+The complete streets project was not completed on RDA removing three cross walks in The Flats at Westview commercial corridor.

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