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City Council Budget Vote

21 Jun 2020 9:03 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Good morning everyone. This is a follow-up to my post yesterday about the final vote on the council budget. PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE. Below I will place two screenshots showing the vote in the non-binding resolution and the a screenshot showing that Michael Julian Bond and Andrea Boone switched their votes killing potential reform in the binding ordinance (I guess they hoped we would only pay attention to the 1st vote). Cleta Winslow was a straight no vote.

The Ordinance amendment killed would not have committed the Council to any specific plan. It was a compromise that withheld funds that cannot be spent until January of 2021 anyway and placed it in a restricted account. It would have given the council till December 1 to enact any reforms to reimagine public safety. The ordinance would have created space for recommendations from the policing task force as well as the police to see what reforms should be enacted.

In essence Council Members Boone, Winslow and Bond, with others, voted to keep the city from even considering a conversation around reform. This in my opinion is the bigger issue. Everyone gave lip service to the need for reform but denied space to potentially look at what should be done

I have spoken with Antonio Brown and Jennifer Ide and would encourage you to head to their pages and read their full statements


The vote on non binding resolution 

The FINAL vote on the legally binding resolution 


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